Theertha Performance Platform

Jeeting and FarwaPerformance art is an offshoot of visual arts where the artist uses his/her body as a medium of communication. Performance art is a very powerful form of art and one could find well-developed performance art practices in many of the countries in Asia. However, due to many reasons, performance art did not evolve within Sri Lanka as a popular mainstream art practice, even though the first recorded performance took place as far back as 1994. This is due mainly to lack of attention given to the art educational institutions to performance art, lack of patronage and not having a well- developed discourse on performance as an art form among artist. None of the Sri Lankan higher education institutions has recognised performance art as an area of interest in the visual arts. Although Sri Lanka boasts of highly developed performative elements within its religious rituals, the art audiences are not familiar with the use of the body as a medium in visual arts in Sri Lanka. Though we have a long tradition of performing arts we have not felt the need to pursue performance art as the visual art form within the Sri Lankan art scene.