Venuri Perera-‘Excuse me?’

These series of public encounters were a reaction to the personal experiences of walking on the road in the city, as a woman. Catcalling, slut shaming, singing, whistling, commenting on dress and appearance and exhibitionism is what women have to deal with on a daily basis when inhabiting public spaces, regardless of age or dress. These are cowardly acts intended to make women feel vulnerable, powerless, and afraid. The piece was an attempt at taking back the power and redirecting the focus on the men (or boys). This was done by pointedly taking photos of them/ their cars/number plates with a smart phone camera, asking them politely to repeat what they said, or redirecting personal questions back at them. A bag of clothes was ready in hand, in case anyone felt the need to advice on what could be more ‘appropriate’ or ‘modest’, than the white skirt and top that was worn during the encounters.