Raw Flesh-Jeetin Rangher

According to me the direct relation of raw flesh we come across in a war, in butcher market and in an act of making love (sex). How differently I could relate e place, feel, smell or view in a context of Raw flesh, So the performance is done at a butcher market, where I was sitting nude on a table on which we had laid newspaper idea was to use newspaper from war as it will have images and text of war, I was inviting people to come to have massage from me but the catch was everyone who comes in should put on headphones which were playing sensuous sounds from porn movie. While massaging I was giving them headphones from which they could hear sounds from a porn film. I wanted to relate to the flesh and sound and smell in order to challenge the senses of public. For me interesting was that the ladies approached first and they were asking for hands, leg and back massage while guys were shyer and they were asking for head massage only. It’s always interesting to see how public will enter into a performance while their just standing in that particular space already makes them part of performance when they have smelled the meat and see it constantly and how do they relate to different elements in the performance. It was challenging for me as I myself don’t like to see or feel the raw meat.