Kilkari (kikli)-Ritual dance of North India and Pakistan-Jeetin and Farwa

Jeetin Rangher and Farwa Rizvi are standing on a pillar balancing on the edge while smiling and chatting about difficult histories of their countries past. Performance is named Kilkari it is ritualistic dance which both countries share as cultural heritage. This performance was very important to me because my family origin is in Pakistan but they immigrated to India after Partition. I previously created several artworks dealing with India-Pakistan history. Farwas family is from India so for both of us, this performance was personally important and also it was talking about the relation of Pakistan and India. During this performance we were holding hands cross balancing on a pillar of a half constructed abandoned building at hot afternoon, we were barefoot to realize the heat coming from the concrete pillar. I wanted to create an atmosphere where we were chatting and talking about personal histories, and in a way freezing that pose of Kilkari Dance, but at the same time with balancing on the pillar to create the tension that is there between India and Pakistan. This performance works on different levels, it shows the superficial or flirting conversation both of us were sharing while trying to balance and maintain the tension between bodies to balance. It’s again a political statement done in a third conflict space. I would love to continue the performance in Delhi or in Pakistan which is actually the center point for the work.