INNER-OUTER- priyanthi Anusha

I am inside a box. It’s lit from inside, and covered with rice paper that has been decorated. Decorations such as safety pins, combs and jewellery – objects of women, if you like. It’s like a Vesak lantern. It’s beautiful.
Why do you think I am doing this? I am structured inside this box. Am I nude inside it? Not really. But in a culture yearning for sex and restricting its freedom at the same time, this is nudity! Definitely for the religious purists. I’m sorry, the extremists. How can they be pure?
Everybody can see me. My body… And, I can see everyone too. I can look them in the eye. Should I put my hand out? Should I reach out? Asking for things with which to cover my body; asking to be dressed.
I’ll be beautifully caged forever. Or… maybe not.