History of Histories-Sellathurai Srikannan

“History of Histories” encapsulates, for Sellathurai Srikannan, the experience of those living in Jaffna; it also speaks of a dance form and how it is reflected in history. The body, movement, rhythmic voice and props are the elements of this performance, while “bavas” (the structuring of emotion expressed through the face) and their accompanying movement become its foundation.

Our body conains our history; as such, Srikannan attempts to use his body as a tool to express ideas of “history”, “identity” and “constructed identity”. You may say, the war is over, so why is he going to talk about it? His home, his village, even his body is connected with the war, which has impacted both the physical and the psychic. I was born in 1979, says Srikannan, my work begins there – and it grows, as I do.