From Dusk and Dawn-Jeetin Rangher

Performance is done as a part of project Modern Nomads where I am planning to travel to different places to understand culture through myths and superstitions of those places. I come from north India but stayed whole my life in south India and later working more in Kashmir etc. As grew up in north Indian family we always has different myths and superstitions related to that culture whereas my world out of my home was south India, as I step out I experienced some clashes in the superstitions and myths and some similarities too. That is my entry point of intervention into a culture to understand it in a deeper sense. In Sri lanka I wanted to understand sri lankan culture through the same. I was conscious while selecting my spot for the performance and even the timing of the performance. The performance was started at 4 am in front of Buddha Temple at Borella junction again to create a ritual in a way and let the public to come and write their superstitions while I am grinding small pots with big Knife. The idea was to continue the performance till the terracotta pot is filled with holes and breaks, but to my surprise around 9 am the knife’s tip got cut. I wanted to start at 4 because life starts to take shape slowly at the time. Public started interacting with the work and started writing their wishes rather than superstitions, all the while I was silently grinding pot, they related me to some saint or sufi who may be able to fulfill their wishes, I was aware of this so to move away from this situation I had worn goggles. As an artist it was interesting to get into these situations and keep improvising.